Une configuration mini-ITX type pour salon

Nous parlons de format mini-ITX depuis quelques temps déjà, une section du forum sur homeMedia lui est d'ailleurs maintenant consacré.

En attendant la mise en ligne des articles sur le sujet en octobre, je vous conseille (pour les anglophones) la lecture de cet article de xyzcomputing (site qui ne lui est pas dédié spécifiquement) sur la mise en place d'une congiguration à base d'Epia MII10000 LVDS dans un boitier Silverstone lC12, preuve que ce format n'interésse pas seulement les officionados des mini-PC :

"For some time now I have wanted to add a computer to my living room. There are already a number of other computers in my house but this one was going to be different. Since it was not intended for work and would be more for convenience than functionality, I felt I could get creative with its design and really tailor it to suit my needs. As opposed to building another general purpose, midtower computer this was the perfect opportunity to build something much smaller and, hopefully, much quieter.

I had been wanting to build a miniature form factor computer for a while but previously did not have the time or need to do so. As soon as this thought presented itself, I started researching. Thus began the Mini-ITX project."

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