Media Browser 2.5.2 (Apollo) : seulement pour Windows 7

Media Browser, le plug-in incontournable pour lire vos musiques et vidéos depuis Windows Media Center, passe en version 2.5.2 (Appolo). Outre la détection et le support des fichiers MK3D via un lecteur externe, cette nouvelle mise à jour impacte essentiellement les performances générales du module. Il est aussi indiqué que seul Windows 7 est supporté, l'équipe de développement arrête donc depuis cette version le support de mises à jour pour Windows Vista.

Voici pour terminer le changelog complet :
  • Much faster RAL loading in most instances
  • Faster performance with the Music plug-in in most instances
  • Improvements to the default theme for Music items
  • RAL should eliminate dups in situations where you have multiple children of a top item pointing to the same items
  • Unavailable content should be handled much better. Now it will just skip the validation of the specific items that are not available and allow everything else to refresh.
  • Support for logos, art and thumbs at the core level (so all themes can take advantage of them).
  • Implemented non-english metadata retrieval from tmdb
  • Indicators are shown for premium plugins in the More Plugins window of the Configurator and you can limit the list of plugins to only free ones.
  • Screensavers can now kick in from the details screen
  • Jump in List fixes with non-english character sets
  • Much better Jump in List when not sorted by name.
  • 3D Movies can now be recognized by Media Browser
  • Added mk3d media type for external players
  • Change in xml provider to look for movie.xml primarily instead of mymovies.xml. For more details see Important Notes.
  • Default theme improvements and fixes

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