Media Browser FR, toujours gratuit !

L'équipe de développement de Media Browser vient de mettre en ligne une nouvelle version du plug-in qui est, contre toute attente, encore gratuite.

Effectivement, nous vous expliquions lors d'une précédente news que le plug-in phare pour cataloguer ses vidéos depuis Media Center allait certainement devenir payant. Visiblement avec la version FR, ce n'est pas encore le cas, alors n'hésitez pas à la télécharger afin de bénéficier de très nombreuses améliorations et quelques corrections de bugs. De plus cette version FR est capacble de rappatrier les infos en français depuis le site AlloCiné en rajoutant cette dll dans le dossier C:ProgramDataMediaBrowserPlugins.



  • Added: Parental Controls Facility
    • Can control media based on metadata rating, or conversely block everything
    • PINEntry, added support to match diamond theme when user has diamond theme enabled.
    • Option to unlock entire library on first PIN entry this is consistent with most other PC systems but can be turned off.
  • Added: Support for music plugin.
  • Added: Retrieval of runtime data from mediainfo.dll if no Metadata present.
  • Added: Ability to disable weather on EHS, by entering a blank weather location.
  • Added: Mouse friendly tweaks to tame mouse enter/exit from scrolling data all over the place.
  • Added: Descriptions for options in Config page.
  • Added: Tiered Backdrop support (not extender friendly).
  • Added: option AlwaysShowDetails (Default true) will always show the details page for all content (Episodes or Movies)
  • Changed: Priority of aspect ratio to take metadata if there over mediainfo.
  • Updated: Runtime data now stored in minutes to mitigate re-calculations.
  • Updated: The default poster size to rectangle instead of square (220×330).
  • Updated: EHS, Recently Added now scrolls back to page 1 when transitioning between folders.
  • Updated: Information control to support recurring messages for ‘X’ cycles.
  • Updated: Cleanup for media delete mechanism (only movies and episodes support deletion at this time).
  • Updated: Seasons and Episodes inherit parental rating from their Series.
  • Updated: Diamond Theme v0.2 Revamp
    • Diamond supports Episode View combined with ‘advanced commands’ + ‘enable delete’ allows for episode deletion.
    • Diamond – new mini-mode for movies and episodes details page.
    • Changed Title to automatically scroll across screen if text is longer than display area.
    • Diamond added information bar to all views.
    • Due to popular demand changed diamond bottom fade from white to black.
    • Diamond compatible with custom fonts.
    • Coverflow: Radically improved spacing which now allows for large covers without spacing issues (within reason).
    • Movie/Episode Details, Command Buttons no longer overlap poster preview.
    • Modified media info icons.
    • Diamond details view added scrollable overview.
    • Fixed date display for titles with no dates.
  • Removed: Classic Theme taken out of Media Browser it is no longer supported.


  • Fixed: Standard filters so they now display images correctly (visible in genres).
  • Fixed: Play All,queue and random.
  • Fixed: Remember index-by state.
  • Fixed: Auto enter single directory option.
  • Fixed: MediaInfoProvider Video Codec
  • Fixed: Issue where A|An|The were not being ignored during sorting.
  • Fixed: Vanilla season count mistakenly defaults to 0
  • Fixed: Crash that would occur in folder validation when a folder has been moved
  • Fixed: Patched autoscroller code from sending negative sizes.
  • Fixed: Episode sorting now correctly sorts items.
  • Fixed: Adjusted positioning of elements on config page
  • Fixed: Incorrect Breadcrumbs for actor(s)/genre(s)/director(s).
  • Fixed: Data duplication of actors for individual episodes.
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